„Give us a TV Debate“

Very true. The European elections must become more political. And now that all the big parties agreed to nominate top candidates for the elections, a pan-European TV debate might just send the right signal that these elections are much more important than they used to be!

Johannes Langer

european debateAn important demand has been started on Facebook for EU citizens just this Monday. It calls for “TV debates on major European channels between the candidates for president of the European Commission.” Through that, it rightfully demands that EU citizens can make a more informed choice when they go to the ballot box for the European Parliament elections in May 2014. At the time of writing, this Facebook page has already some 655 “likes” on Facebook, but I am sure it can and will grow in much higher numbers. It is a demand from EU citizens to know what the possible future EU Commission President nominated by one of the different political groups is going to implement and what she or he is standing for.

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