We can not just look on while people die on our borders!

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70 years ago, this continent was freed from the terror of war and total destruction. Millions had been exterminated by one of the most senseless wars ever and by political terror that had no other goal but to wipe out entire parts of the population. On the ashes of our lands burnt down to ground and on the graves of millions that had been killed, we built a new continent different from what had been there before. Millions over millions of Europeans had to flee from their homes and resettled elsewhere. Not very long ago, Europe itself experienced the terror of war amongst its population and the grief of those that left all their loved ones and their homes forever, by the hands of their fellow citizens.

Europe was rebuilt by those who had lost the most, by those who had lost their loved ones, those who had their youth stolen from them, those who had lost their home and their roots. And together, we Europeans managed to produce the most unlikely miracle. This continent that had been a war zone for centuries finally became peaceful. Borders that had cut through the lives of people finally became open and invisible. And in the aftermath of the world wars, we pledged that we would never again accept the senseless deaths and suffering of humans. We gave refugees the right to find shelter on our shores and we promised to defend the human rights that every human has.

But right now, in our immediate neighbourhood, people are not as lucky to enjoy peace and freedom as we are. Be it in Syria, in Ukraine or in North Africa, people are persecuted just for their religion or the way they live, their cities turn into war zones – and failed policies by European governments have robbed them of their chances to make their own living.

How can we close our eyes today to their suffering and their pain? How can we just look on, while thousands of people die on our borders every week? We must stop this immediately. We can not let the European governments hide away from their responsibility anymore. We need a new, serious, search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea, paid by the EU. We need a way for refugees to apply for asylum without them needing to cross the sea and risk their lives. We need a fair distribution of refugees through Europe. Therefore, I am supporting the new pan-European campaign CommonBorders.eu, and I hope you will as well!

This is a test for all that Europe stands for. Only together, Europe can stand this test!


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