Congratulations, Britain!

Congratulations for your bold decision!

Congratulations for your bold decision to destroy your own future, the future of your children and the future of our continent.

So what does Brexit mean for the UK and for you? You were offered a choice between remaining in the Union, with it’s flaws – or for going down the dark, unknown path into a future of irrelevance and crisis. And you chose irrelevance and crisis. You chose the bleak future.

The young generation voted to remain in the EU. They just had their future stolen from them this night.


With a single stroke of the pen, you destroyed the future of your young generation and robbed it of it’s freedom to move, to live and work where they want and to build their own lives. Just because you did not want to listen to „experts“ but rather to liars and cheaters, you must now face the truth and the consequences.

If the economy of your country suffers, if your United Kingdom falls apart, if your security is lost, if you lose your job, if your young generation, possibly even your own children will not find jobs anymore, no one is responsible but you.

Congratulations for destroying the future of millions of young Brits and millions of young Europeans. You just fucked it up today.

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