About Bengt

Young, but experienced!

I am a true European! I have lived, learned and worked in eight countries and speak English, German, French and Polish – the languages of more than half of all Europeans. I have experience and valuable contacts in European politics.

eesc1I have been at the forefront of the fight for a more democratic and accountable Europe for years, helped to realise the innovative European Citizens’ Initiative and was a founding member of several pro-democracy organisations, including Democracy International and the European Federalist Party. As co-ordinator for the award-winning campaign Europeans for Fair Roaming, I pushed through the latest reduction of mobile phone roaming charges across the EU and the establishment of an innovative market for roaming. As researcher at the European Institute for European Law and Policy, I was able to get detailed insight into policy-making at European level and organised several high-level conferences with scientists and politicians. In the 2014 European elections, I ran as a candidate for the EFP on the electoral list of NEOS and organised the first-ever truly cross-border electoral campaign. As campaign co-ordinator for Common Borders, I created a complete campaign infrastructure for a pan-European campaign, co-ordinated online and offline campaigning and set up a round table for stake holders from the field of migration policy.


Curriculum Vitae

Born 1986 in Siegburg, Germany
Currently living in Salzburg

BA in political science, specialising in European politics
Languages: German (mother tongue), English (Proficient), French and Polish

Board member or founding member of several European associations: Democracy International, European Federalist Party, Europeans for Fair Roaming, Club Alpbach Salzburg

I successfully campaigned for several key European laws, for example:
▪ the introduction of the European Citizen’s Initiative,
▪ the lowering of roaming charges and
▪ saving the Erasmus programme.

▪ 2016 – today: Head of Catholic Youth Salzburg
▪ 2014 – 2016: Project assistant and seminar leader for Catholic Youth Salzburg
▪ 2015 – 2016: Campaign co-ordinator for Common Borders
▪ 2014: Candidate for the European elections for NEOS and EFP
▪ 2011 – today: Masters programme EU Studies (European politics and law, economics) and BA Slawic languages
▪ 2009 – today: Researcher at the Austrian Institute for European Law and Policy
▪ 2007 – 2009: President of the pan-European association Europe United and founder of the European Federalist Party

▪ 2007 – 2011: Bachelor programme political science
▪ 2010: Internship at the Europe Direct office in Augsburg
▪ 2007: Internship at the European Parliament, followed by further work there
▪ formerly: pro bono work at European associations JEF and Europe United and several political campaigns.

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