Nous ne pouvons pas regarder en face, quand des personnes meurent sur nos frontières!

Read in English: Il y a 70 ans, notre continent a été libéré de la terreur de la guerre et de la destruction totale. Des millions de personnes ont été exterminées par l’une des guerres les plus insensées. Jamais une telle terreur politique avait eu comme but de disparaître des pans entiers de la population. Des […]


We can not just look on while people die on our borders!

Lire en francais: 70 years ago, this continent was freed from the terror of war and total destruction. Millions had been exterminated by one of the most senseless wars ever and by political terror that had no other goal but to wipe out entire parts of the population. On the ashes of our lands burnt […]


Real sanctions now!

Today, Russia officially, illegally annexed Crimea. Ignoring all international laws and sovereignty, the Russian government invaded and stole a part of a neighbouring country. But what does the EU do? Only a lukewarm reaction! Only a small number of politicians and military officers may now not access their accounts in the EU or travel to […]