Democracy, solidarity and opportunities!


Europe needs responsibility and accountability!
Without more democracy, Europe will fail.

faceThe European Union is too undemocratic and lacks transparency. Too many decisions are still taken behind closed doors, by people who have not been elected for this. This only leads to bad compromises and gives power to those who can push through their interests with governments and bureaucrats.

If Europe is to survive in future, it must become a Europe of its citizens. All citizens must have a voice! European politicians must be accountable to us citizens. All top positions within the EU must be elected – and deselected – by the people. And we all must be allowed to decide directly – by strengthening direct democracy on the European level.

Therefore, I want:

  • an elected president of the EU, instead of unelected bureaucrats in top positions,
  • the introduction of pan-European referenda,
  • more transparent and faster decision-making,
  • involvement of the European Parliament in all decisions on the European level,
  • a new Constitutional Convention to draft a new EU treaty.


Europe needs more solidarity!
No currency union without political union.

The financial crisis has shown that in the long run, a currency union cannot be stable without co-ordinated financial and economic policies. It was a dangerous mistake of all European governments to believe that a currency union could work without political union. Instead of harmonising economic development, the currency union has led to a drifting apart of Europe. Things cannot go on like they used to. But giving up the Euro and Europe is no solution – because this would engulf Europe in the abyss!

Europe does not need less co-operation, but more! The economic, financial and social policies of all EU states need to be better co-ordinated, to prevent a drifting apart and unexpected crises in the future.

Therefore, I want:

  • a leading role of the EU in setting economic policies,
  • clear and legally binding rules for the financial policies of member states,
  • common, high standards for social policies, for example in the areas of health and unemployment insurance,
  • more investment in common cross-border projects.


Europe must give opportunities!
Concrete improvements for young people.

European and national politicians have abandonned young people and their future. While billions are spent to save banks and pensions, funding for education and research are cut. Millions of young Europeans don’t find training and jobs, schools and universities are forced to cut services – and the cost of living continues to rise.

Europe must be a positive force in the lives of Europeans – and this is only possible if Europe offers concrete improvements and projects. Europe must enable young people to learn, work and experience other cultures. I myself was successful in bringing down roaming charges, saving the Erasmus programme and introducing the European Citizens‘ Initiative. And I want to continue improving Europe in future – especially for young people!

Therefore, I want:

  • more investment into science, research and education,
  • concrete support for young people looking for training or work abroad,
  • full social protection for workers abroad,
  • stronger European exchange programmes,
  • incentives for businesses to hire young employees,
  • a ban on unpaid long-term internships without subsequent employment.

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